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By ABCrane

Project Integrity International:

Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy


Crime, epidemics, pollution, political corruption, violence, ignorance, and
catastrophic environmental disasters threaten our species’ survival at a rapidly accelerating pace. Today more than ever, it is critical that international communities foster the growth of environmentally and life sustaining technological innovations. Yet, “green” is simply not enough. While sustainable products and services are certainly critical to the survival of our people and the natural environment, they alone do not end wars, fight poverty, solve for unemployment, curb crime, or serve as magic bullets for any of our global epidemics. Beyond launching the latest innovations in the sustainable marketplace, Project Integrity International strategically lays down the platform for an international franchise of educational, spiritual, social, and ecofriendly entrepreneurial opportunities that absorb people away from the destructive military-industrial establishments dominating human societies across the globe. PII proposes a comprehensive solution to so many problems facing humankind in the 21st Century while saturating her members with a tidal wave of exciting entrepreneurial opportunities. *Read excerpts here.



The Holistic Integrationist:

An Economic School of Thought for the 21st Century

   The Holistic Integrationist: An Economic School of Thought for the 21st Century absorbs and assimilates sociological, anthropological, philosophical, and psychoanalytic perspectives into a cross disciplinary understanding of economy. This empirical assessment is deeply embedded in the author’s personal concern for the quality of life of individuals, workers, consumers, families, communities, and natural ecosystems. What makes this book unique is also what deems the work to be ever so critically relevant. Viscerally engaging beyond the merely cerebral experience, The Holistic Integrationist weaves the author’s visual art and poetry into the context of the theoretical framework. Extending beyond theory into praxis,  ABCrane introduces her vision—Project Integrity International: Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy—a comprehensive international solution to the social pandemic we refer to today as the "military industrial complex."  (currently unavailable)



Feel Wheel Emotional Wellness Strategy:

Emotional Intelligence for the Radical Thinker


What all human beings share in common is that their emotional states play a leading role in directing the quality and productivity of their lives. For the radical thinkers among us, our emotionality can often be greatly amplified in the face of our facing of reality. Because radical thinkers do not choose a life of denial—hiding from the world’s woes behind televi- sion, pop entertainment, pill popping, reckless consumerism, and fake news—the reality of the world hits us hard. We not only choose to challenge the senseless wars of conquest, needless toxicity of modern consumer culture, domestic violence, and the status quo climate of mediocrity-as-usual lifestyle, but we deeply feel the pain and turmoil of it all. Radical thinkers often suffer the tendency to go down the proverbial rabbit hole of deep paralyzing despair that sometimes renders them counterproductive at best and self- destructive at worst. The Feel Wheel Emotional Wellness Strategy is designed to help radical thinkers—and all other readers—to manage their emotions in a way that preserves the sense of self, meaningfulness, and effectiveness inherent in each and every one of us.   LEARN MORE!

*Included in this book are journaling worksheets, trauma assessment sheets, and the author's personal true stories as related to the Feel Wheel concept.  Available in paperback and fillable PDF! Feel Wheel game spinner and emotion quote cards sold separately or in full set bundle (book, spinner, and cards). CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE





Poems & shorts.

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