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The Inspiration of ABCrane


I have come to a point in my life whereby I have become one with my projects. They have come not only to represent who I am, my purpose, my raison d'être, but too, my sense of the integration of all matter, all life, all experience, and all moments in time. My projects, ideas, writings and art have become a reflection of the integrity of the universe itself.


When I write about the integration of economic systems, or the interrelatedness between the epidemics facing humankind in the 21st century, I draw inspiration from the way the clouds interface with the sun, the balance between two species of plants, growing side by side, sharing one soil but requiring different minerals for their respective sustenance. When I look into the mirror of the macrocosm, I am able to examine with greater precision just how the parts fit together, or how they can be better oriented to create greater strength and balance within any given framework. My art, then, is not about creating pretty things to look at so much as it is a tool of environmental assessment, a probe into the very nature of integration, and a scale that weighs pros and cons, darkness and light. My writing, beyond entertainment, attempts to engage the mind of the reader in its own assessment and critique of their experiencing of integration of self, world and universe. It is the function of my art to further enhance the art of function. The function of art, its "artfulness," comes from the inherent beauty of solving problems, engaging the mind in such a way that enhances the life experience, keeping evolution on its path to that place where genius harmonizes with wisdom. Beyond solving mysteries and implementing solutions, engagement in art reminds me to forever embrace the mystery, and once solved, to seek more, and to relish in the eternal mystique of existence that forever spins the wheels of the mind and stirs the passions of the heart. I have come to the point that is not an end, but a continuation of my quest to perpetuate the cosmic integration of all things considered. 

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