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 What all human beings share in common is that their emotional states play a leading role in directing the quality and productivity of their lives. For the radical thinkers among us, our emotionality can often be greatly amplified in the face of our facing of reality. Because radical thinkers do not choose a life of denial—hiding from the world’s woes behind television, pop entertainment, pill popping, reckless consumerism, and fake news—the reality of the world hits us hard. We not only choose to challenge the senseless wars of conquest, needless toxicity of modern consumer culture, domestic violence, and the status quo climate of mediocrity-as-usual lifestyle, but we deeply feel the pain and turmoil of it all. Radical thinkers often suffer the tendency to go down the proverbial rabbit hole of deep paralyzing despair that sometimes renders them counterproductive at best and self-destructive at worst. The Feel Wheel Emotional Wellness Strategy is designed to help radical thinkers—and all other readers—to manage their emotions in a way that preserves the sense of self, meaningfulness, and effectiveness inherent in each and every one of us.

*Included in this book are journaling worksheets, trauma assessment sheets, and the author's personal true stories as related to the Feel Wheel concept.  Quote card deck and game spinner sold separately. Available in paperback and fillable PDF! 

feel wheel 3adayfront.jpg

a   new   concept  and strategy  in wellness...

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•pinpoints psychological pathology in the DURATION AND DIRECTION of an emotion that “lingers” beyond its triggering event, rather than the emotion itself


•affordable!  fillable ebook just $5.00!

• non-dogmatic, no “rules,” just emotional self-management geared by one’s unique experiences and personal goals for growth and fulfillment

•authentic, avoids “just smile and be happy” contrived approach to fulfillment

•non toxic, “not a pop a pill approach!”

•“From Static Diagnosis to Fluid Prognosis” : transcends psychiatric “disorder labeling” towards a fluid, self-directed approach to trauma recovery and wellness


•embraces all emotions as useful “tools and fuel for change,” “gifts of evolution”

•self-directed, creative, interactive

feel wheel 3adayfront.jpg

a  fun   &   creative game   of     self   knowledge and healing...


The Feel Wheel Quote Cards can be carried in a purse, pocket, or backpack. In moments of ambivalence, confusion, or frustration, find the cards that match your emotions. Read the quote silently or aloud, meditating on its meaning.

The Feel Wheel Spinner and Quote Cards can also be used alone or together with friends, coworkers, or members of a support group at informal gatherings, company retreats, and during therapy sessions.

Players take turns spinning the game spinner. Using the four-steps cards, players share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences regarding the emotion-pair that the pointer lands upon.


Players are encouraged to actively listen to each other and engage in any ensuing discussion compassionately and without judgment. Remember that it’s ok to laugh, cry, wax philosophical—and to JUST BE YOU!

feel wheel 3adayfront.jpg

real life    "emotional management    parables

                 & original emotion quotes"   by  the author...

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Excerpt from "Hate & Loathing" parable by the author:

If You Can’t Stand the Hellfire...

Arms covered in hives, eyelids swollen just short of completely shut, sticky with Torani syrup, kitchen grease, and sweat, and anxiety spewing from every pore of my being, I trudged forward with my blue collar duties at the prestigious medical school cafe. I had the least-paying, most bottom dwelling position at America’s prestigious Blandford University. Yet it seemed my job was ultimately indispensable—I kept the students’, researchers’, and fellows’ veins flowing strong and constant with the fuel of academia—caffeine, sugar, aspartame, and saturated fat!

Chad, the lanky sarcastic supervisor of this particular cafe operation stopped me in the hall, interrupting me on a desperately needed break. “I’m just letting you know that when the new management team took over, they asked me which of you guys we should keep....

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